Friday, November 22, 2013

Tips on how to represent bitcoin in media!

even though bitcoin community is doing awesome jobs in promoting bitcoin in media, I just wanted to point out couple of things to better position bicoin with new users.
  • first of all, please remember nothing you say or do on the interview will change the view of the skeptic interviewer. so don't bother and rather focus on the audiance that will be watching the show.
  • when asked about bitcoin, i think it is better to answer in most layman terms as if your target audiance is a 10 yr old kid, cause they are the ones who will be carrying this legacy forward and not the TV host asking the question.
  • before answering any question ask them if they are 'for' or 'against' bitcoin and when they say they are 'against', ask them if they know enough about bitcoin to come to that conclusion. this way they will, from the beginning, dig their own hole and never recover.
  • during interviews, i would advise not to use technical terms like hashing, mining, blockchains and all that. these will do nothing but alienate potential bitcoin users. users don't need to know all this, same like not many know (including myself) how monetary system completely works. all they need to understand is that they can buy things or send money with bitcoin quicky and at low cost than credit cards.
  • to really skeptic and dumb interviewer, always try to answer the question with a question. for example if they ask 'how do you shutdown bitcoin", ask them "how to you shutdown internet". and if they ask "but, people can use bitcoin to buy drugs", then say "but, people use cash to buy drugs, so should we be shutting down cash?"..remember answering these silly questions will not help. plus audiance always enjoys counter questions.
please add more to the list so bitcoin representatives can apply the ones that seem appropriate..go bitcoin!!