Thursday, December 12, 2013

Does technology really take away jobs?

Technology doesn't eliminate jobs, it creates more, many more, just not the kind of jobs we are used to. It removes non-creative jobs with creative ones.

When computer came along, one computer might have replaced many old-fashioned jobs but look how many jobs computer industry has now created. The whole IT industry is a bi-product of that one computer that people then were mad at for replacing, may be 100 jobs. I don't think I will have to point out how many jobs the "internet" (technology) has created. Yes, iPhone might have replaced so many products (calculator, watch, compass, even flashlight) and jobs related to that, but see how many jobs the app industry has now created.

Finally, yes many jobs will go away but those will be the only non-creative jobs that can be easily be performed by a computer code/logic, but in return will create many more creative jobs that is not yet technologically possible to automate.