Thursday, December 12, 2013

Does technology really take away jobs?

Technology doesn't eliminate jobs, it creates more, many more, just not the kind of jobs we are used to. It removes non-creative jobs with creative ones.

When computer came along, one computer might have replaced many old-fashioned jobs but look how many jobs computer industry has now created. The whole IT industry is a bi-product of that one computer that people then were mad at for replacing, may be 100 jobs. I don't think I will have to point out how many jobs the "internet" (technology) has created. Yes, iPhone might have replaced so many products (calculator, watch, compass, even flashlight) and jobs related to that, but see how many jobs the app industry has now created.

Finally, yes many jobs will go away but those will be the only non-creative jobs that can be easily be performed by a computer code/logic, but in return will create many more creative jobs that is not yet technologically possible to automate.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Tips on how to represent bitcoin in media!

even though bitcoin community is doing awesome jobs in promoting bitcoin in media, I just wanted to point out couple of things to better position bicoin with new users.
  • first of all, please remember nothing you say or do on the interview will change the view of the skeptic interviewer. so don't bother and rather focus on the audiance that will be watching the show.
  • when asked about bitcoin, i think it is better to answer in most layman terms as if your target audiance is a 10 yr old kid, cause they are the ones who will be carrying this legacy forward and not the TV host asking the question.
  • before answering any question ask them if they are 'for' or 'against' bitcoin and when they say they are 'against', ask them if they know enough about bitcoin to come to that conclusion. this way they will, from the beginning, dig their own hole and never recover.
  • during interviews, i would advise not to use technical terms like hashing, mining, blockchains and all that. these will do nothing but alienate potential bitcoin users. users don't need to know all this, same like not many know (including myself) how monetary system completely works. all they need to understand is that they can buy things or send money with bitcoin quicky and at low cost than credit cards.
  • to really skeptic and dumb interviewer, always try to answer the question with a question. for example if they ask 'how do you shutdown bitcoin", ask them "how to you shutdown internet". and if they ask "but, people can use bitcoin to buy drugs", then say "but, people use cash to buy drugs, so should we be shutting down cash?"..remember answering these silly questions will not help. plus audiance always enjoys counter questions.
please add more to the list so bitcoin representatives can apply the ones that seem appropriate..go bitcoin!!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Basic questions to ask before investing in early stage startups

These are some basic questions I find important to consider before investing in early stage startups. It addresses 5 key factors:
  5. TEAM
The reason TEAM is in the middle is because the 4 properties of a TEAM (Integrity, Smartness, Desire, Vision) should compliment all the other 4 factors of the business (PROBLEM/SOLUTION, MARKET, COMPETITION, FINANCIAL).

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Should rich spend more?

Just recently the news came out that Sean Parker spend 9 million on his wedding. People were going crazy over this saying why he had to spend so much money. That it is rediculous. Is it?

Lets say he only spent 100k, than whay will happen to the rest 8.9 million. It will be in his bank or stock. Now either the bank or himselfy will make more money out of it. None of that is going to the poor. But, if he spends 9 million, then at least that money is being distributed among the people that bring the wedding together. Meaning, at least some of him money is going back to the people which would otherwise just sit on his account.

Everyone gets excited to hear that Warren Buffet still lives on his 35k dollar house. But, think what would happen if he were to build 100 million dollar house, which he obviously can afford to. That 100 million dollar would be able to employ 2000 people for a full year with average salary of 50k/year. About 50k/year being average house hold income in US, that is enough to sustain 2000 families for whole year.

Now, is it good that the rich spend extravagantly or rather keep the money in the bank?

Friday, March 1, 2013

To Americans those who think they are any different from immigrants breaking laws..

Watching the series 'Mad Men' I learned that in the 40s and 50's, American men got married just to prevent from getting recruited to the army and being sent to war. This is not just illegal but also betrayal towards their own country. But, they did it to survive. Immigrants might have come here illegally or worked with no permit. But, they did it for the same reason to survive.

Legally, both have broken the law but why are you only after the immigrants and not after those Americans who married only to avoid going to war. And that could be you or your father or your grandfather. So, until you turn them in, you have no right to go after the rest.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Should airline fares change every second?

The fares for trains, buses, taxis don't change every second. So, why do fares for airlines have to change every second? I understand when the demand is higher people are willing to pay more. But in that case why don't the price of goods like clothes, change every second then? And if it is about change in oil price then why don't the price of buses and taxis change?

I think lives of consumers would be lot simpler if they did not have to worry about the change in price and fly with peace of mind that everyone paid the same price for the same service. If you were travelling by train or bus then you would not have to bother booking months in advance. You would just go to the train station, purchase the ticket and travel. See how convenient. Why can't we have similar experience when it comes to airlines?

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Should we bring entire global population to US?

This question was asked by REP. Steve King on,
time: 00:03:00.

Even though this is a silly question, I would like to answer this with grace. The number of immigrants that should be allowed to come to US should be determined by the demand in the market and not by some magic number proposed by some individual. If there is demand for 6 billion people in US market then trust me US will find a way to accomodate all the people in the world cause that will be in the country's best economic, financial and whatever interest.

Should we deport undocumented immigrants that are member of violent crimes before they commit crimes or should they also have path to citizenship?

This is a question that was asked by REP. Randy Forbes on at time: 1:36:00.

They should be treated same as the other american members of the violent gangs. If american gang members are sent to jail before they committed the crime then undocumented immigrants should also be sent to jail and deported, but if the american gang members are not jailed then undocumented immigrants should not be deported until convicted.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Why most immigrants don't leave after entering US?

Most believe immigrants don't leave after entering US because they want to stay here. They are wrong on so many levels. Immigrants don't leave not because they want to stay here but because they don't know when they will be able to come back again. If all immigrants were 100% sure they would be able to come back whenever they want, I gurantee that more people would be flying out than flying in.

To elaborate this more, let me ask why do you think there are more Mexicans staying in US than Canadians, despite both being geographically connected to US? Because Canadians can easily move in and out of US than Mexicans can. If people from other nationals had no problem coming in and out of US then obvious more people would come to US but very less would actually stay.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Should you try to change the person you love?

Most believe one should love a person for who they are and not try to change them. I disagree. I believe, you should try to change them to become a better person. If you don't try to change them then you don't care about them. If your child starts smoking then would you say that you love them for who they are and therefore, would not try to change their habbit of smoking? No, you try to change them because you love them and care about them.

Friday, January 11, 2013

What everyone should be working on?

I believe every person on earth should at least be contributing to, if not working, on anti-aging technology. Cause, once we are able to extend our lives then we will have even more time to increase it further and further. Then, time not being a factor anymore, we will have all the time to do all other things.

Let's say if you are working on a spaceship that will take people to mars, there is no gurantee that you will live long enough to see that happen. But, it you develop anti-aging technology first then work on a spaceship then you could be sure that you will be able to see that happen with your very own eyes. It would just be the matter of time, which you would not have to worry about by then.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Most Powerful Person On Earth

The visa consulate at the US embassy is the most powerful person on Earth. He has the power to over people's life like no other. He can deny the visa and get away with it by not even giving a reson. And applicant don't even have right to appeal. So, one day if he wakes up on the wrong side of the bed, then he can deny everyone's visa that day. To US government, I ask you, how are you ensuring that he is following the correct protocols and not abusing his power?

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Should one be allowed to carry guns?

If you believe you should be allowed to carry guns to protect yourself then why aren't you fighting for the right to carry guns in airplanes?

On another note, if you were to choose between a university where every student carries guns and another university where no one carries guns, then which one would you send your children to? 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Should illegals be deported?

If you believe illegals should be deported, let me give you a scenario. Let's say you had adopted an infant from Kenya and after 10 years found out that the kid has been illegal the whole time due to incomplete documentation or USCIS error. Now, would you believe that the illegal child of yours should be deported or would you try to do every thing you could to keep your child with you?

Should we need visa to travel?

If people did not need visa to travel anywhere then the world would be much better and safer place.

For example, people think that if US allowed everyone to enter here then the whole world will come here. That is so not true. If that was the case then all the people within US would be living in places like Vegas, Hawaii or Florida. No one would be living in cold conditions of Maine. Or if you think people from all over the country would come here then why aren't all the people from Peurto Rico living in New York. That is because they know they can come to New York any time they want. Likewise, the moment people from other countries realise that they can come to US any time they like, they will no longer be as much interested in coming here as they are now. At least not every body.

Do you support hiring outside workers?

If you think you don't support hiring outside workers, my simple question to you is: If your child is really sick and the doctor in US has 50% success rate in curing that disease but the doctor in China has 90% success rate in curing that disease. Who would you hire?

If you say you would hire US doctor then I really hope your child will understand. But, if you say that you would hire doctor from China then don't ever say that you don't support hiring outside workers cause actually you do.

Let's talk foolish!

I am starting this blog to talk about simple things that are made complex by the people for the people. We will be talking about any thing that affects us as a people and will discuss on things that could make our lives a little bit simpler and easier.

I would like to start by saying I am a true believer of John Lennon's vision of free world describe on his song "Imagine", except for the part where he talks about possession. I haven't developed a level of maturity to understand or believe that part of the verse. But the rest is spot on.

Just think about how much simpler life would be if everyone had the liberty to live anywhere in the world. Just like in the old days when you would not need permission to travel anywhere on Earth.

On another note, how simpler life would be if every one spoke one language. There would be no need of translators and that is one less profession to worry about. I know people think diversity in languages reflects our culture, but what would you value more a culture or an ability to communicate with the person sitting next to you.

Well, I don't want to bore you on my first post. So, would like to end this here mentioning that your participation would make this much more productive than just one fool talking.