Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Do you believe in God?

I often wanted to find a good answer to the question "Do you believe in God?". Then I realized the best answer was in the questions itself. I think instead of asking "Do you believe in God?", we need to ask "Should we believe in God?". What I mean by this is, disregard of whether God exists or not, do we need to believe in him in order to function.

To "Theist", I ask, do you have to believe in him even if he exists? And to "Atheist", I ask, do you have to not believe in him even if he doesn't exist?

In the history of mankind there has been more deaths in the name of religion than anything else. So, the question again is should we have to have belief or non-belief is something that could be the very reason of our extinction?

So, next time you tell your kids whether to believe or not to believe in God, just think if the best thing to do is to say NOTHING.

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